Proposed road closure in Darawank

Submissions closing on 08 July 2022, 04:30 PM

In accordance with Section 38B of the Roads Act 1993, notice is given that Mid-Coast Council will consider the permanent closure of part of a Council Public road. Council will receive and consider submissions regarding the proposed road closure. The road under consideration comprises parts of Aquatic Road, which provides access to Crown Reserve Lot 7058 DP 1108449. The subject road reserve lies between Lot 1 DP 358227, Lot 1 DP 555466, Lot 221 DP 863965, Lot 258 DP 753207. Should the subject road be closed, the land is to be sold to the adjoining landowner/applicant.

All interested persons are invited to make submissions to Mid-Coast Council, PO Box 482, TAREE NSW 2430 or by 4.30pm on Friday 8 July.

Regarding the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act, information contained in a submission may, at the discretion of Mid-Coast Council be referred to the person(s) who initiated the proposal for appropriate consideration.

Please include Council’s reference RD35169 in your submission. Enquiries: (02) 7955 7996.

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If the submission is made by way of objection, then the grounds of the objection must be specified.

Please ensure you provide feedback by 4.30pm on Friday 8 July 2022.

Submissions can be made by using the Submission form.