Planning Proposals - Greater Taree LEP & DCP

From time to time we make changes to plans including the Greater Taree Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2010 and the Greater Taree Development Control Plan (DCP) 2010.

Additional information is available on the Dept Planning & Environment LEP Tracker website.

Plans we are currently changing are listed below:

391 Diamond Beach Road Planning Proposal and Planning Agreement

This is a proposal to amend the Greater Taree Local Environmental Plan 2010 by changing the zone of land at 391 Diamond Beach Road, Diamond Beach (Lot 17 DP 576415) from rural to environmental protection and tourism.

A Planning Agreement is proposed to provide the opportunity for public access along the beach frontage of the site and enhance vegetation on part of the site. 

This planning proposal and planning agreement is available for community feedback until 22 December 2017.

The current version of the Greater Taree Local Environmental Plan 2010  is available at

The planning proposal and attachments are as follows:

Greater Taree Local Environmental Plan Amendments

This planning proposal includes a number of amendments to the Greater Taree Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP 2010). These amendments will improve the application of LEP 2010 by providing clear and succinct planning provisions and improving the consistency of the use of zones in specific locations.

The planning proposal contains two different types of amendments:

  • general amendments that are changes to provisions in LEP 2010 that can apply to the whole Manning region
  • site specific amendments that apply to one location. These are typically zone changes that can result in changes to other planning provisions (eg. floor space ratio, minimum lot size or building height). There are seventeen site specific amendments proposed.

The planning proposal is available for community feedback until 17 November 2017.

The current version of the Greater Taree Local Environmental Plan 2010  is available at

The planning proposal and attachments are as follows:

Lot 612 Blackhead Road Planning Proposal

This is a proposal to rezone land adjacent to the Tallwoods Village from a rural zone to a combination of residential and conservation zones. This proposal was on public exhibition from 30/8/17 to 29/9/17.

The site is located at Lot 612 Blackhead Road and covers an area of around 17 hectares. Currently used for small scale grazing activities, it is relatively cleared land.

A wetland on the north-eastern corner of the site will be included in a conservation zone to protect the wetland, and a residential zone applied over the remainder of the site. This will allow for a future extension of Tallwoods Village of around 80 additional residential lots. Vegetation screening along Blackhead Road will be enhanced with additional plantings to offset the removal of some trees that are scattered through the site.

Details of the project are provided in the following link:

Murray Road, Wingham

The area of land bounded by Richardson, Mortimer, Lambert Streets and Murray Road (shown below) is being considered for residential development. The application involves changing the zone of the land from Primary Production (RU1) to General Residential (R1) to enable housing. The middle portion of the site is to be included in the Environmental Conservation (E2) zone to protect the existing bushland. A Voluntary Planning Agreement details the environmental restoration works required over the bushland and its future dedication to Council. The planning proposal and agreement below provide further information :


Seashells Beachfront Resort, Diamond Beach

A planning proposal to change the zone of land at Seashells Beachfront Resort site (363 Diamond Beach Road). Covering an area of 5.4 hectares, the land proposed for rezoning is the current site of Seashells Beachfront Resort. Located in between Diamond Beach Resort and Ramada Resort, it is part of a recognised tourist precinct north of Diamond Beach village. The application seeks to change the land from rural zoning, to a combination of environmental conservation and tourism.

The site was previously approved for a 65-unit tourist development, however changes to planning rules in 2010 mean rezoning must now occur before any future upgrades or extensions can take place. The application introduces a maximum building height of 11.5m which aligns with the neighbouring Ramada Resort. The planning proposal(PDF, 11MB) provides further information.

A drop-in session was held with Council staff on Wednesday 7 December 2016. Thanks to those who came along and had a chat with us. 

The submission period has now closed and will be considered at a future Council meeting.