Planning Proposals - Great Lakes LEP & DCP

A Planning Proposal is a document that recommends a change in the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014. It explains why the change is necessary, and how that change will affect a site, development, or control. If a new map or clause is required in the LEP, it shows what will be changed.

The documents listed below include all proposed amendments to the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan that are currently going through the gateway process.

Additional information is available on the Dept Planning & Environment LEP Tracker website

Planning Proposal and Agreement for land adjoining Palms Oasis Caravan Park (PP-SP-26)

Planning Proposal to rezone land adjoining Palms Oasis Caravan Park, Boomerang Drive Pacific Palms and Planning Agreement for dedication of ecologically significant land to MidCoast Council.  

Status - Community consultation ran from Wednesday 18 October to Friday 24 November 2017.

Short-term Holiday Rental of Dwellings - Amendment to Great Lakes LEP 2014

Status - Approved at Gateway and with RPA for implementation.

Coastal Risks Planning Maps - Amendment

The planning proposal affects several Great Lakes beaches and the land and property behind those beaches:

  • Nine Mile Beach, Tuncurry
  • Main Beach, Forster,
  • One Mile Beach, Forster,
  • Seven Mile Beach, South Forster,
  • Elizabeth Beach, Pacific Palms
  • Bluey’s Beach, Pacific Palms
  • Boomerang Beach, Pacific Palms
  • Sandbar Beach, Smiths Lake
  • Cellito Beach, Smiths Lake
  • Number One Beach, Seal Rocks
  • Boat Beach, Seal Rocks
  • Bennett’s Beach, Hawks Nest
  • Jimmy’s Beach, Winda Woppa


Status - With DPE with a request to be made.