Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes Region public GIS Mapping tool is available by clicking on the link below:

Great Lakes Region Public Mapping

How to use Public Mapping

The image below highlights some of the key controls and functions of the mapping tool. A larger version is available by clicking on "Quick Guide" in the tool itself:

For users of the mapping tool on mobile devices - we have prepared a specific user guide.

Mobile device user guide(PDF, 171KB)



More Information

Please note that some of the map layers we make available are complex and depending on your internet connection speed can take some time to load into the map application. If you wish to view layers such as LEP Zones, Bushfire Vegetation Categories or Flood Planning Areas we recommend you locate and zoom in to your area of interest before selecting the map overlay.

MidCoast Council uses NSW Land and Property Information (LPI) spatial data as our base GIS cadastre and associated map layers. This allows us to provide our users with the familiar Google Maps style appearance with the additional benefit of considerably more detail than most web mapping applications. Great Lakes region specific overlays provide our users with a visual guide as to how the various planning constraints relate to their area of interest. With adjustable transparency available in all Council map overlays our users are able to easily view map themes yet still see details in high resolution aerial imagery.

When you open the mapping application the default view will be the Property Information theme. This theme has been designed to provide our users with a quick snapshot of base property information such as Street Address, applicable LEP 2014 Zone as well as Bushfire Risk and Flood Planning information if applicable. There is even a link to the nearest Google Street view if available in the area you are interested in. All map themes can be easily searched by Property Street Address, Lot, Section and DP number or by Street Name only.

All our Great Lakes region specific overlays can be displayed at all available zoom levels however the user should be aware that complex overlay maps such as Bushfire Category Risk or LEP 2014 Zones can be slow to load if being viewed across the whole LGA.

If you are looking to develop land within our LGA, and need a visual guide to which constraints might affect a property, the LEP 2014 Maps theme is the most relevant to your needs. The remaining mapping themes have been developed to provide a quick snapshot view of the more popular map overlays.

The online mapping environment is very much a dynamic system. As such we are continually updating and adding layers as needs arise. This is particularly so with the base cadastre fabric across the LGA. New South Wales property boundaries constantly change as properties are subdivided or consolidated, accordingly our mapping environment responds to those changes on a daily basis. It is important the user understands our maps should only be considered correct on the day you view them. Hardcopy prints generated from our online mapping are time stamped in order to reference the point at which the data was current.

The user should take particular note of the fact that our GIS cadastre fabric (property boundary layer) is not a survey accurate depiction of property boundaries within the LGA. A GIS cadastre layer is in fact an accurate depiction of the Land Titling System across the local government area. If you have need of a survey accurate depiction of location of the boundaries of your property it is essential you consult a registered Surveyor. MidCoast Council recommends the purchase of a S10.7 Planning Certificate prior to purchasing land or prior to the preparation of any development application.

MidCoast Council always appreciates constructive feedback and is always willing to act on feedback in order to improve the services we offer our community. If you feel there is anything we could add to or do to improve how we provided GIS information to the community please email us to let us know your thoughts.

Buy a hardcopy map

If you can't get what you need using our online mapping tool above, you can purchase a printed hard copy custom map using the request form below. Custom maps can include features not available online, such as more detailed contour mapping, easements, or proposed footpaths.

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