Heritage Listed Properties

Heritage Listing

Heritage listing of a property is undertaken to preserve it's historical significance for future generations. Heritage listing can be at a national, state or local level.

Is my Property Heritage listed?

There are two ways to see if you property is heritage listed:

Local heritage grants may assist owners of heritage items to restore their buildings.

What rules apply to heritage listed items?

If your property is heritage listed, please be aware that special rules apply for development; buildings cannot be demolished or redeveloped without approval from us (unless the proposed work is very minor) and trees on the property may also require approval prior to lopping or removal.  

Detailed plans and reports must be lodged if you want to renovate, build something new or subdivide; showing how you will maintain the heritage values of the property.   .

These rules also impact on what can be built next door to a heritage listed item so as not to detract from it's heritage significance.

If you need more information on what heritage listing means please have a read of the Manning Valley Understanding Heritage Listing Brochure(PDF, 666KB) , or the 2007 Great Lakes Heritage Study(PDF, 3MB).

If your property is in the Great Lakes region, we've also produced a number of brochures to assist you with works to your heritage property:

The former Gloucester Shire Council had undertaken a number of heritage based projects. The Main Street Heritage Guidelines are aimed at maintaining and enhancing the existing character of Gloucester and its mainstreet.  The study considers not only the buildings, but also the features of the public space that makes-up the streetscape as a whole.

The emphasis of the Guidelines is on working with what is 'already there', keeping the original fabric rather than replacing it, to maintain the authenticity of the place.  These guidelines are aimed at providing quite literally a guide to how regular maintenance, refurbishment and construction works might be undertaken.