Studies & Strategies

Current Strategies 

Did you know, three different zoning frameworks remain in place, a legacy of the three former councils? That’s why we’re currently zoning in on the zones used across the MidCoast - to develop a clear, consistent, region-wide planning framework. Once in place, the new plan will guide the way we manage land use across the entire region, catering for the needs of our current communities and helping to shape our future. You can find out more about this here.

Strategies provide the future direction for an area and as such underpin changes to Council’s planning rules (Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan). They also provide a basis for Council to consider applications to rezone land (Planning Proposals).

Strategies tend to be medium-long term (10-20 years) in outlook and address land use planning issues affecting our community. Strategies aim to create sustainable communities by balancing the need for jobs (economic development) and housing new residents against the impacts that this has upon our natural environment. Strategies also address land use conflict that can arise as areas and residents change over time.

The State Government provides the overarching strategic direction for the MidCoast under the Hunter Regional Plan 2036. Local strategies underpin regional planning strategies by providing local context to future land use changes.

Strategies developed by the former councils are still in place but will be replaced over time as new strategies over the new MidCoast area are produced. Below is a list of documents that can be downloaded which have had, and continue to have, an impact on the settlements and rural and natural areas across the MidCoast.

Adopted Strategies

MidCoast Region