Development Sites

The Manning Valley is set to experience significant residential and employment growth over the coming years. Find more information on our current projects below:

Northern Gateway Transport and Employment Precinct

The 74-hectare Northern Gateway Transport and Employment Precinct is located north of the existing developed areas of Cundletown. It is located between the Taree Regional Airport and the northern Taree access to the Pacific Highway, which is the main regional transport corridor linking Sydney and Brisbane. 

The Northern Gateway is intended for transport employment generating industries given its proximity to the Pacific Highway. Over time, this hub could be connected to other transport forms including air and rail. Expected uses include freight transport facilities, truck depots, transport depots, warehouses and distribution centres. The Northern Gateway site adjoins a proposed service centre site. 

The catalyst for the Northern Gateway was recognition that this site is 3-4 hours from Sydney, which is almost a third of the trip for road freight between Sydney and Brisbane. The State Government recognises this distance as appropriate for single driving stints. With another transport hub located around Grafton, the road freight transport between Sydney and Brisbane would be enhanced and safety improved on the Pacific Highway. 

Truck drivers delivering freight between Sydney and South East Queensland will stop at the facility to switch loads and drivers. This will enable drivers to focus on smaller sections of the route (e.g. the return journey from Taree to Sydney) and facilitate more efficient freight transport between Sydney and Brisbane. 

The Northern Gateway is strategically significant to Taree and the surrounding region. The direct effect of the project is to increase the amount of freight and freight related business located in Taree. It is expected that many truck drivers and supporting service providers will base themselves in Taree. 

The development should also significantly reduce freight costs to and from the Taree region as it will allow freight in and out of Taree to be added to loads as they are being switched. The reduction in freight costs will provide Taree and the surrounding regions with a shipping cost advantage in delivering freight to and from major centres. Coupled with the low cost of land and labour, this development is likely to encourage the establishment of transport and logistics businesses and other industrial businesses seeking low freight costs in Taree.   

Next steps

Council is working to secure funding required to build road infrastructure which will enable Stage 2 to be developed.

See a map of the proposed Northern Gateway Transport and Employment Precinct here(PDF, 251KB).

Brimbin - A new town

The Manning Valley is set to expand, with the rezoning now approved for the new town of Brimbin.

Where is Brimbin?

Brimbin is located 8km north-east of Taree.  The site extends from the Lansdowne River to the east through to the Dawson River in the west, straddles Lansdowne Road and covers an area of around 3,700ha.  The land is currently used for cattle grazing with two large dams, on either side of Lansdowne Road. Extensive areas of native vegetation are also located on the site, much of which will be protected. 

The Roche Group (developers) purchased the land over ten years ago.

The Plan

The first stage involved changing the zone of the land from rural to zones that provided a foundation for a new town (including residential and employment zones).  These zone changes are the first step towards developing the new town comprising:

  • 874 hectares of residential land with the capacity to house approximately 22,000 people in 8,000 homes built over 30 years
  • a mixed-use centre and three neighbourhood centres
  • four schools comprising three primary and one high school
  • 112 hectares of employment and industrial land
  • 400 hectares of primary production and rural employment land
  • 600 hectares of environmental living lands
  • a range of retail and commercial services to cater for the population in Brimbin
  • over 1000 hectares of land for conservation and reserve purposes.

A key feature is the conservation land which will remain an important habitat, forming part of the Brimbin Nature Reserve. In addition, this site is only the second in the State to receive biodiversity certification, meaning the ecology issues have been resolved upfront enabling a more efficient processing of future development applications.

When fully developed (in around 30 years), Brimbin is expected to accommodate a population of around 22,000 people. This is about the size of Taree and will both significantly increase the population of the Manning Valley and reinforce Taree’s role as a major regional centre.

The Brimbin structure plan(PDF, 394KB) provides the blueprint for how the land will be developed.

Next steps

While the rezoning is a significant step towards this new town, the next phase is to decide how the town will be laid out and where parks, roads and services will be located.  This detailed master planning process will be undertaken by Roche Group in consultation with the Council.

The community will continue to play a major role in the realisation of this new town, Council encourages the community to keep updated on its progress via this website.

FIGTREES on the Manning

FIGTREES on the Manning is located on the northern bank of the Manning River, approximately 2km east of the Taree town centre. The site is around 20ha in size and includes a disused dairy factory in Pitt Street, Chatham.

Given the location and heritage of the site a master plan was developed to determine the future development of this important waterfront site.

The master plan(PDF, 5MB) allows for a range of uses across the site including open space, residential, commercial and tourism. A marina has also been included in the master plan.

A major outcome of this rezoning was to open up the foreshore for public use and to create an off-road pedestrian/cycleway link between the Taree CBD and the recreation/entertainment precinct to the east of this site.

The site will ultimately enable the construction of around 500 residential units and have a range of commercial buildings which can be occupied by cafes, restaurants and other businesses.

A voluntary planning agreement outlines what public outcomes the landowners are required to provide with each stage of the development. 

It is anticipated that redevelopment of the site may commence in 2020.

Old Bar growth areas

Three major precincts have been rezoned to accommodate the future growth of Old Bar.  

Precinct 1

Located immediately north of Old Bar this land was rezoned to allow tourist facilities. The site is in a very scenic location overlooking the Manning River’s southern entrance at Farquhar Inlet.

This precinct provides a great opportunity to enable tourist facilities at this popular tourist destination.

Precinct 2B

This precinct is located immediately west of the existing Old Bar township on both sides of Old Bar Road. The precinct enables the residential expansion of the township of Old Bar, providing around 1,400 new lots. An existing creek corridor running north-south through the precinct will provide for walking and cycle paths to link the community from Mudbishops Park in the north to Wallabi Point in the south.

A new town centre is proposed in this precinct, located on both sides of Old Bar Road. A town park will be located immediately adjacent and a range of community and business activities will be encouraged in this location to cater for the growing population of Old Bar.

This map(PDF, 1MB) shows the location and proposed layout of Precinct 2B.

Refer to the Development Control Plan for details on the rules and guidelines that apply to any development in this precinct.

Precinct 3

Located directly south of Precinct 2B, it proposes an additional 525 residential lots and a 9 hole golf course.

Refer to the Development Control Plan for details on the rules and guidelines that apply to any development in this precinct.

Macquarie Street, Coopernook

Coopernook is a village on the banks of the Lansdowne River and caters for those wishing a relaxed village lifestyle with good access to the Pacific Highway, the regional centre of Taree and the coastal town of Harrington. 17.6ha of land bounded by Macquarie and West Streets was rezoned on 31 March 2017 predominantly from rural (RU1) to village (RU5) to cater for the growth of the village of Coopernook. The planning proposal(PDF, 9MB) provides further information on this site.

Lot 612 Blackhead Road Planning Proposal

This is a proposal to rezone land adjacent to the Tallwoods Village from a rural zone to a combination of residential and conservation zones. This proposal was on public exhibition from 30/8/17 to 29/9/17.

The site is located at Lot 612 Blackhead Road and covers an area of around 17 hectares. Currently used for small scale grazing activities, it is relatively cleared land.

A wetland on the north-eastern corner of the site will be included in a conservation zone to protect the wetland, and a residential zone applied over the remainder of the site. This will allow for a future extension of Tallwoods Village of around 80 additional residential lots. Vegetation screening along Blackhead Road will be enhanced with additional plantings to offset the removal of some trees that are scattered through the site.

Details of the project are provided in the following link:

Richardson, Mortimer, Lambert Street and Murray Road, Wingham

The area of land bounded by Richardson, Mortimer, Lambert Streets and Murray Road (shown below) is being considered for residential development. The application involves changing the zone of the land from Primary Production (RU1) to General Residential (R1) to enable housing. The middle portion of the site is to be included in the Environmental Conservation (E2) zone to protect the existing bushland. A Voluntary Planning Agreement details the environmental restoration works required over the bushland and its future dedication to Council. The planning proposal and agreement below provide further information :


Seashells Beachfront Resort, Diamond Beach

A planning proposal to change the zone of land at Seashells Beachfront Resort site (363 Diamond Beach Road). Covering an area of 5.4 hectares, the land proposed for rezoning is the current site of Seashells Beachfront Resort. Located in between Diamond Beach Resort and Ramada Resort, it is part of a recognised tourist precinct north of Diamond Beach village. The application seeks to change the land from rural zoning, to a combination of environmental conservation and tourism.

The site was previously approved for a 65-unit tourist development, however changes to planning rules in 2010 mean rezoning must now occur before any future upgrades or extensions can take place. The application introduces a maximum building height of 11.5m which aligns with the neighbouring Ramada Resort. The planning proposal(PDF, 11MB) provides further information.

A drop-in session was held with Council staff on Wednesday 7 December 2016. Thanks to those who came along and had a chat with us. 

The submission period has now closed and will be considered at a future Council meeting.