Water Week 2019


Find 7 ways to save for 7 days


Wednesday 23 October - Today's tip is:

In the laundry, put on full loads of washing only and collect the grey water to water your plants!

Tuesday 22 October - Tip: Check your home (inside and out) and fix any leaking taps - 1 tap can waste a litre of water each day.

Monday 21 Oct - Tip: Put a bucket in your shower, and use the water you collect to water indoor or outdoor plants!

National Water Week runs from 21 - 27 October, and we're asking you to rethink your personal water use as the region adopts water restrictions through one of the east coast’s driest years on record.

On the MidCoast we are very fortunate to have a clean and overall reliable source of water that supplies our communities, and we will celebrate that with some free community events during Water Week once again this year.

However, there’s no escaping that we are in the midst of a prolonged drought in NSW, and water restrictions are in force here on the MidCoast, so our focus this year is very firmly on reducing our water use and conserving this precious resource.

The challenge is to find a way to reduce your household or personal water use every day during Water Week - to find 7 ways for 7 days. There's plenty of practical tips on the tabs below to help you save water - take a peek and take up the challenge!

It won’t be all work and no play - there are events to celebrate Water Week across the MidCoast too - visit the Bootawa Water Treatment Plant, or meet Whizzy the Waterdrop as he tours MidCoast Libraries. Check out the information below for bookings and details.

Find 7 ways here

Follow current water restrictions
for the MidCoast region

Don't rinse plates before you stack the dishwasher - use a small basin of water if you need to

Keep an eye on the weather forecast - don't spray if rain's on its way


Put on a full load of clothes when
using the washing machine
or adjust the water level

 Sweep outdoor paths, don't hose

Repair any leaking taps -
and check outside taps too! 

 Limit your shower to 4 minutes or less


Adjust your lawn mower to
2.5 - 5cm. Taller grass shades roots and
holds soil moisture better.


Wash cars on the lawn and use a bucket

 Install a water-saving shower head


Don't let the tap run while you brush your teeth

Collect water from your shower in a
bucket and use it to water plants


Want more tips? 

Visit our Save Water page to make your home more water-wise!


Turn off the tap while
you brush your teeth

Try to only wear one set of clothing
each day. It saves on washing machine water

Have a 4 minute shower (or even less)

Wash your pet
on the lawn,
and only use a bucket

Been for a swim? Hang your damp towel 
on the clothes line and use it again next swim

 Check your house for any leaking taps  and
let an adult know. Watch them repair the tap so you know how!


Only half fill the kitchen sink when you wash the dishes


Put a bucket in your shower and use the water
you catch to water plants


 Wash cars on the lawn and use a bucket

Empty your pet's
drinking bowl on a plant


Don't rinse plates under the tap before you stack the dishwasher. Put some 
water in the sink and rinse them there. 

Try to keep the water in the pool while you play.


If you’ve wondered just how our water supply is managed and how water is treated, sign up for a free tour of Bootawa Water Treatment Plant on Wednesday 30 October.

The first tour begins at 10am, and if demand requires, more tours will be scheduled later in the day.

On the tour, you’ll follow the path water takes as it passes through our treatment system and is sent via mains to reach your taps.

Numbers for this tour are limited, so book now on the form below to secure your place.

Click here to view form.

Bring your preschooler along to meet Whizzy the Waterdrop for fun, song and games!

No bookings required, we'll see you there!

Monday 14 October, 10.30am Wingham Library                                       

Wednesday 16 October 10.30am Forster Library

Friday 18 October 10.30am Stroud Library

Thursday 24 October 10.30am Taree Library

Monday 28 October 10am Gloucester Library

Thursday 31 October 10.30am Harrington Library

Monday 4 November 9.30am Tea Gardens Library

Thursday 14 November 9.30am Bulahdelah Library

Friday 15 November 10.30am Hallidays Point Library

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