Litter and marine debris removal

Browns Creek Cleanup

Marine Debris is one of the biggest environmental issues facing us today.

It is the rubbish from our everyday lives that washes into our creeks, rivers and oceans creating unhealthy waterways.

Council are working in partnership with government agencies and the local community to reduce litter sources and remove established litter along our waterways.

Marine debris is a big issue and to achieve broad scale reduction in litter, the entire community need to be involved. Council are members of the Midcoast Plastic Pollution Reduction Project and are working with great organisations like Tangaroa Blue, Take 3, Australian Marine Debris Initiative, JR Richards and Sons, Local Land Services, Taree Indigenous Development and Employment and Friends of Browns Creek to address litter issues and help reduce them at the source. This group has identified current activities in the region and is constructing cohesive messaging and scoping out opportunities for collaboration in the future.

With the aim to inspire the youngest members of the community to reduce pollution, Council are also working with Take 3 to implement a number of education programs. These programs target primary school aged children as well as early childhood educators.

Council is also encouraging the community to keep the environment clean through the Picitup program, providing free anti- litter kits to any interested members of thecommunity who would like to undertake their own cleanup. The program is being run in conjunction with Midwaste and is a simple but effective way of helping people clean up litter as well as track down where it comes from.



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