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Reconstruction works along Wingham Road at Kolodong have been planned in conjunction with nearby residents and businesses when community consultation took place during 2019. These important works will be staged to take place over the next 2 - 3 years, with the first stage commencing during May 2020. With a focus on delivering safety improvements for the roads that connect our communities, the many thousands of motorists using Wingham Road each day will enjoy a smoother, safer travel route. The works are also designed to provide a more robust and durable road pavement, catering for high traffic loads into the future and reducing on-going maintenance costs.

Stage 1: May / June 2020

In this initial stage a 940m section of Wingham Road will be reconstructed, from Hargreaves Drive to approx. 140m east of Clifton Road. The work will take place in two parts:

Part 1: Drainage works, completed during May 2020.

Part 2: Road reconstruction works. These works commenced early-June and will continue over 3-4 weeks, for completion towards the end of June. Work will take place at night with lane closures and traffic control in place, reopening to two way traffic during the day. Reduced speed limits will be in place at all times.

We understand night works may generate some noise, however a requirement of our contractor is to liaise with local residents to minimise disruption. Conducting the work at night allows us to use a "deep lift asphalt" approach, which not only allows us to keep Wingham Road open during the day, but means we can complete the work in around one third of the time needed using alternative techniques.

Please keep an eye on the electronic message boards leading into the area of works, where updated information will be displayed as the project progresses.  As with any roadworks, timings can change. Please check back here for further updates.

Update 16 June 2020: Weekend works will be undertaken during the day on Saturday 20 June (8am - 5pm) and Sunday 21 June (9am - 5pm), making up for time lost due to recent wet weather, and allowing the completion of the final wearing course. All works, including the movement of equipment and materials will occur during these hours. Motorists will be directed through the work zone under traffic control and can expect some delays.

This project is funded by the NSW Government in association with Council as part of the $100M Road Upgrade package.

Stage 2: FY20/21

In the second stage, the section between Cedar Party Road and Potoroo Drive will be addressed, including the installation of a roundabout at each of these intersections. These works are currently in the design phase.

Stage 3: FY21/22

In this stage, the section between Potoroo Drive and Hargreaves Drive will be addressed. This project will also look to realign the area where Hargreaves Drive and Marie Avenue intersect with Wingham Road through the installation of a roundabout.

Stage 4: TBC

A possible 4th stage is currently under review, investigating the option of a roundabout at the Kolodong Road intersection.

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