The Bucketts Way - Craven

A 1.5km section of The Bucketts Way, between Woods Road and Upper Avon Road, has been upgraded and a southbound overtaking lane installed.

Along with reconstruction of this section of The Bucketts Way, the works involved clearing of vegetation for improved safety (with offset planting in other locations), and road widening to allow for the construction of the new overtaking lane. Existing road surface materials were recycled and used as filling on site. Linemarking, barrier fencing and roadside signage completed the upgrade in December 2019.

Along with improved safety outcomes for local motorists, freight companies, buses and tourists, the end result provides a more durable and sustainable transport route, helping to reduce on-going maintenance costs.

This project is part of Stage 1 of the Federal Government's Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program with additional funding through Restart NSW.



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