Zoning in on our future

Did you know, three different zoning frameworks remain in place, a legacy of the three former councils?

That’s why we’re currently zoning in on the zones used across the MidCoast - to develop a clear, consistent, region-wide planning framework.

Once in place, the new plan will guide the way we manage land use across the entire region, catering for the needs of our current communities and helping to shape our future.

The process so far

Intensive studies of our urban areas were undertaken, reviewing our current and future housing needs, our business and industrial zones, and our recreational spaces. Consideration was given to the unique local character of each town and village, the specific needs of the people that live and work there, and the potential for future growth. 

This initial phase included:

  • Drafting a MidCoast Housing Strategy, which proposes a residential framework for our many different neighbourhoods
  • Reviewing our business, industrial, recreation and infrastructure zones
  • Preparing a Manning Health / Taree CBD Precinct Plan

From February through to early April 2020 we invited everyone to get to know their zone, and review the proposed changes to where they live, work, shop and play.

Your feedback is valuable to the process and is currently being collated and reviewed, to inform the next stage of the process (see below).

Next steps

Urban areas

Community feedback provided during the February-April consultation on the towns and villages is vital as we finalise our urban strategies and reviews and is likely to be completed around mid-2020.

Rural areas

Did you know, rural and environmental lands cover around 90% of the MidCoast?

The development of a draft Rural Strategy is underway and examines all of our rural, environmental and waterway zones. It is likely to be available for the community to have their say in the first part of 2021. 

Bringing it all together

Once our strategies are complete for both our urban and rural lands, we can progress to writing "the plan”, which consists of three different components:

  • Local Environmental Plan – this Plan is an important roadmap for the future of our region, providing the rules for future development. It dictates the zones we use and specifies what you can and cannot do on your land.
  • Development Control Plan – this Plan specifies how you can develop your land, drilling down into more detail, outlining specific development controls for future development like parking, landscaping, design features, flooding impacts and environmental considerations.
  • Updating the MidCoast Local Strategic Planning Statement – this document provides the strategic direction for the MidCoast. 

We will again check-in with the community when each of these plans are complete, likely to be in 2022.

Stay updated, get involved

We keep people updated on the progress of this project and let them know when we are seeking their feedback. If you would like to be kept informed simply fill in the form below. 

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