Tourism Destination Management Plan


Together with consultants 'Destination Marketing Store', the Destination Management Plan (DMP) has been prepared following detailed research including a baseline analysis; product and experience audit; and extensive stakeholder consultation.

The DMP provides a framework to guide sustainable tourism development over the next 15 to 20 years.

The Plan identifies the MidCoast's competitive advantage and looks to a future which more effectively leverages the region's natural assets, local character and environmental credentials to promote the MidCoast as a leading provider of nature and adventure-based tourism.

The short-term action plan includes priorities achievable using existing resources and provides guidance on realising quick gains based on 'where we are now'. The DMP also proposes some 'game-changing' projects that would require additional resources and/or partner organisations to implement, giving us some aspirational goals to strive for.

The Plan's identified growth forecasts are ambitious, but also attainable based on various opportunities that have been uncovered through this baseline analysis.

The DMP includes strategies to maintain and potentially grow existing markets to encourage repeat visitation and increase length of stay, and also approaches to attract new markets with the greatest potential to grow the visitor economy.

View the Destination Management Plan and Appendices below.

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