Squirrel Glider habitat enhancement

Glider Squirrel 02.jpg

Squirrel gliders are tree-dwelling, nocturnal mammals, with a flap of skin that extends from their wrists to their ankles which allows them to glide long distances between trees.  Unfortunately, the species is listed as threatened as a result of habitat loss and predation by feral and domestic animals, particularly cats and foxes.

Council has been successful in receiving funding assistance from the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust. These funds are being utilised to enhance the habitat of the Squirrel Glider population across 53-hectares of Council Reserves in Forster. This includes bushland restoration works, such as weed removal, pest animal controls, food tree plantings, rubbish removal, as well as the delivery of community education programs.

One of the key aspects of the project has involved the installation of specially-constructed nesting boxes in areas of the reserves where natural hollows are in short supply. Gliders rely on hollows for shelter and breeding. In total, sixty-four nesting boxes have been placed into trees in Council Reserves in the project area. Monitoring of the boxes has shown an excellent uptake rate by Squirrel Gliders, particularly in the reserves around Golden Ponds and The Southern Parkway.

This project, which is currently in its third year, aims to support local urban biodiversity, specifically the Forster Squirrel Glider population, with proactive on-ground management of key threats and community education.  Engagement of the local community will be designed to raise awareness about the significance of urban habitat (den) trees, backyard biodiversity and other urban bushland values.  It will also deliver key messages around priority threats such as weeds, predation from feral animals and domestic pets, fire and pollution.

For more information on the project contact us at environment@midcoast.nsw.gov.au


 We greatly appreciate any assistance you can give to protect squirrel gliders in your neighbourhood.

Here are some actions you can take:

  • please keep your cats inside, especially at night. Cats and foxes predate on squirrel gliders
  • retain native vegetation in your garden - visit our Backyard Bushcare page for lots of information on creating wildlife friendly native gardens
  • consider planting squirrel glider food(PDF, 77KB) plants.  Some of the larger tree species are not suitable for a surburban back yard, but smaller acacias can be planted
  • why not build a habitat box for your backyard trees?