Regional Economic Development Strategy


The development of consistent Regional Economic Development Strategies across State regions is the initiative of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, through the Centre for Economic and Regional Development (CERD).

MidCoast Council worked alongside the NSW Government to develop a Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) for the local region, which was released in July 2018. The process included a series of well-attended workshops held across the region, aimed at collaborating to build sustainable economic development. The strategy includes an action plan for the next three years, leveraging regional strengths such as our land and water assets, our infrastructure, and our location, lifestyle and amenity.

The MidCoast REDS is linked with Council's Community Strategic Plan and Destination Management Plan, and provides a strategic platform for community, business and Council to work with the State Government in driving economic growth. It is an important plan that will help attract State resources to underpin economic projects and create employment in the region.

Review the MidCoast REDS document(PDF, 2MB) and the Supporting Analysis(PDF, 2MB). You can also find out more about REDS by visiting the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet's website.

How does REDS fit with the Rural Strategy currently being developed?

The brief for developing a Rural Strategy is to ensure land use planning supports growth and diversity in rural areas, and the current project aims to identify opportunities and potential barriers to growth. The Rural Strategy team will be consulting with specific industry groups. You can find out more about the Rural Strategy and how you can get involved here

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