Protecting the Karuah River

  • Project typeWetland and Riparian restoration
  • Project value$564,000 plus private contributions
  • Project scheduleThree year
  • Contractor nameLocal Landholders, MidCoast Council, Hunter Local Land Services, LandCare Australia and Karuah Great Lakes Landcare


The Karuah Catchment Management Grants Program is a unique partnership to improve ecosystem health and enhance biodiversity in the Karuah River Catchment.

This program is providing financial incentive grants and advice to eight landholders on neighbouring properties in The Branch. The farmers will fence-off wetlands and riparian vegetation, install off-stream water points and rehabilitate gully-lines. In all, 270 hectares of wetlands and 50 hectares of riparian vegetation will be protected and allowed to regenerate through this program, helping to keep the Karuah river clean.

The farmers involved with this program have committed significant time and effort as well as cash to develop their individual projects, and to follow through and install the associated infrastructure. This project would not be possible if it wasn’t for these farmers passion for the land and protecting the health of the Karuah River. 

This project kicks off the larger Karuah-Borland Landcare Program, with further projects launching to improve the health of the Karuah River catchment.

The Program is still open for further partners - If you are a farmer in the Karuah River who would like to become involved, please contact us (details below).

To find out more watch the video below.