Hawks Nest Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade


The Hawks Nest Sewage Treatment Plant will undergo significant modifications to increase its treatment and storage capacities, ensuring it can continue to meet the community’s needs both now and into the future. The upgrade will also lead to better environmental outcomes and ensure MidCoast Council consistently meets its effluent discharge licence requirements with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Due to population growth and a regular influx of visitors to Hawks Nest during peak holiday periods, the sewage treatment plant is working hard to process the volume of sewage coming into the plant in its current capacity. As a result, MidCoast Council is not always meeting the requirements of its effluent discharge licence with the EPA.

Current projections also indicate the population of Hawks Nest is expected to double in the next 30 years, placing further demand on the plant.

The Hawks Nest Sewage Treatment Plant will undergo the following significant upgrades:

  • Extensive modifications to the existing aeration tanks to ensure they can process larger volumes of sewage
  • Construction of two clarification tanks that will be implemented into the treatment process
  • Upgrade of the ultraviolet disinfection system
  • Construction of a new sludge lagoon
  • Upgrade of the chemical dosing system
  • Decommissioning the existing Pasveer channels that are no longer in use.

The upgrade will ensure the sewage treatment plant can cater for Hawks Nest’s growing population, as well as new developments and increased visitors.

It will also benefit the local environment by ensuring the quality of effluent that is discharged from the plant is of a high standard and meets or exceeds the existing effluent discharge licence requirements.