Gloucester Sewage Treatment Plant Replacement


Plans are in place to construct a new sewage treatment plant to service the needs of Gloucester and Barrington. The new facility will replace the nearly century-old treatment plant on Showground Road.

Despite various upgrades, the Gloucester Sewage Treatment Plant and much of its infrastructure has deteriorated since it was constructed in the 1930s and it will soon reach the end of its operational lifespan. As a result of the plant’s poor condition, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for MidCoast Council to meet its effluent discharge licence requirements with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) at the site.

Current projections also indicate the population of Gloucester and Barrington will soon outgrow the capacity of the plant.

A new sewage treatment plant will be built next to the existing plant on Showground Road. The plant will be designed to comply with the latest regulatory requirements and environmental standards, ensuring the quality of effluent treatment at the site meets or exceeds the existing licence requirements. The new plant will also cater for future population growth in Gloucester and Barrington.

Once the new plant is up and running, the existing plant will be decommissioned.

Gloucester and Barrington residents will be able to rely on a modern sewage treatment plant that provides a safer and more efficient standard of treatment. The plant will benefit the local environment by ensuring the quality of effluent that is discharged into the Gloucester River is of a high standard and meets or exceeds the existing effluent discharge licence requirements. The plant will also ensure the community’s sewage treatment needs can be met both now and into the future.