COVID-19 Resources

Official updates


  • Lifeline - Mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19
  • Head to Health - Australian Government website with links to many other support websites
  • Phoenix Australia - Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health: disaster resources including COVID-19, flood and fire
  • SEWB - Self-care Toolkit: a happy healthy mob means a well done job
  • Life in Mind -  Good resource site linking to many other sites
  • Kids Helpline - Counselling and mental health support for children
  • NSW Office of Sport - A variety of activities for varying ages encouraging people to stay active during COVID-19
  • FACE COVID video - Video detailing practical tips to deal with COVID related stress and anxiety.

Coping with isolation

Maintaining routine


Doing things differently

Resources for young people (12-24 years old)

  • Headspace Group Chats - An online space where young people can maintain connection. Runs from 6-10pm on Wed, Thurs & Fri. Specific chats for Navigating relationships are taking place on Mondays at 6pm.
  • IZRA - Parent-led resilience resource - A parent-led resilience video series to support young people explore emotional intelligence, self-responsibility and empathy. Costs $25, aimed at young people in years 5-10 at school.

Resources for parents and children under 12 years old

  • Lock Down Diary - A fun and interactive printable/downloadable diary for children to work through while stuck at home that acts as a future record of what happened during the pandemic.
  • ABC Education - Education support for parents supporting their children's learning.
  • Emerging Minds - Supporting children during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Centrelink - Financial support for families impacted by COVID-19
  • Kids Helpline - Counselling and mental health support for children.
  • Nurse Dotty Book(PDF, 8MB) - A children's story book addressing common questions around the COVID-19 pandemic. This story is shared with the author's permission.

Professional Development / Adult Learning

Inclusion, Engagement & Social Connectedness

Online Safety

Supporting People with a Disability

Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Resources

  • NSW Health translated information - A variety of health resources, posters and information translated into a variety of different languages to support the CALD community