Black Head Water Main Replacement


An ageing water pipe that runs along Blackhead Road from the intersection of The Lakes Way to Black Head village is being replaced to reduce maintenance issues and account for population growth in the area. A portion of water pipe that runs along Diamond Beach Road is also being replaced.

The water pipes that are currently in place have deteriorated over time and are sustaining regular breakages. This is interrupting water supply to the surrounding areas and resulting in unnecessary water loss. Maintenance crews are subsequently being dispatched to fix the pipes on a recurring basis, which is a costly and inefficient use of resources.

Around 5.5km of pipework along Blackhead Road and Diamond Beach Road will be decommissioned and replaced. The pipe along Blackhead Road will be upgraded from 250mm to 375mm, while the pipe along Diamond Beach Road will be upgraded from 150mm to 300mm. 

The new pipes will significantly reduce the risk of water interruptions occurring as the result of breakages.

The increased size of the pipes will also ensure water can be supplied to more users as the population grows.