Arlington Wetland


A constructed wetland beside The Lakes Way in South Forster provides an effective filter for urban runoff entering Wallis Lake, helping protect water quality in one of our most important natural assets.

Sediments in our Estuary reduce the amount of light available for seagrass to grow and excess nutrients fuel algal blooms leading to habitat loss which can impact on fish and aquatic bug populations.

The constructed wetland is designed to remove sediment and filter nutrients from urban runoff prior to discharge into the Lake.

Stormwater runoff from urban areas is one of the major impacts threatening our waterways, and this wetland receives stormwater inflow from 7.1 hectares of the surrounding urban area that previously drained untreated into Pipers Bay. Pipers Bay has been identified in the Waterway and Catchment Report Card as an area for water quality improvement for a number of years.

As the wetland vegetation establishes, the wetland will start to look fantastic and water quality treatment will increase, enhancing the quality of water flowing out of the wetland into Wallis Lake.

The constructed wetland was funded through the NSW Government's Estuary Management Program and Council's Stormwater Levy, and compliments the other wetlands (8), raingardens (11) and grosspollutant traps (2) that have been constructed on public land in the Wallis Lake Catchment.

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