Water services to integrate into MidCoast Council

Published on 28 June 2017


NSW Minister for Environment, Local Government and Heritage, the Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP, has today approved the proposal to dissolve MidCoast Water and move its functions into MidCoast Council.

After carefully considering the proposal and the representations received during the public consultation process, Minister Upton has recommended to the Governor that the proposal be implemented without modification on and from 1 July 2017. Accordingly, the Governor has today issued a proclamation to this effect.

The announcement follows the resolutions made by both MidCoast Water and MidCoast Council in December 2016.

Today it will be business as usual, and this will continue into the future according to MidCoast Council’s Interim General Manager, Glenn Handford. “Nothing changes from a service delivery perspective from day one, and residents can feel confident that the integration will be planned with precision to avoid any disruption to services.”

After careful consideration of the options for the future delivery of water and sewer services to the MidCoast community, the proposal outlined staff and operational efficiencies estimated at over $3million per year achieved through the integration of functions, which will ultimately deliver cost savings for the community.

“The staff from both organisations will continue to work together to deliver services for our community, at the same time realising significant savings and efficiencies over coming years as we integrate” Glenn added.

Harmonising corporate support functions such as technology and communications will deliver appreciable savings and benefits.

MidCoast Water has successfully provided quality water-related services to our community for 20 years, and as part of MidCoast Council, will continue to focus on the delivery of drinking water and the protection of our environment.

“We are pleased with the progress that has been made by MidCoast Council following its proclamation in May 2016 and are certain this integration of two strong service providers will further strengthen the ability to meet the needs of the diverse community it serves”, Minister Upton said.

 In the video below (recorded on 29/6/17), MidCoast Council Interim General Manger Glenn Handford talks to Georgia Maher of NBN News about the integration.