Water restrictions tighten for Stroud

Published on 06 March 2019


MidCoast Council has tightened water restrictions for Stroud, as the town's water supply levels are reduced as a result of continuing dry weather.

"Despite local residents heeding the restrictions and reducing total daily consumption by around 80 kilolitres per day, the water storage for the Stroud supply has now dropped to the trigger point where we need to introduce very high level restrictions," said MidCoast Council's Director of Water Services, Brendan Guiney.

"We are calling on Stroud residents to pull together and really reduce outdoor water use, while we wait for some decent rainfall in the catchment, that will increase river flows and allow us to pump into the storage dam."

Under Very High water restrictions, there is a total ban on all sprinklers and watering systems. Residents can use a hand held hose for 10 minutes only every second day. If your home is an even number, then you water on even days of the month. If your house is an odd number, water on the odd days of the month. There's no watering at all on the 31st of each month.

In addition, use buckets, with trigger hose rinsing for washing cars and boats. If possible, always wash vehicles and flush boat motor engines on grassed areas - this will help keep your lawn alive!

Outdoor cleaning of driveways, paved areas, windows, walls and roofs should all be undertaken using buckets only.

The restrictions apply to households, businesses and public areas – with Council restricting their watering of parks and public areas also.

For now, all other areas of the MidCoast remain on Moderate water restrictions, with residents urged to continue their good efforts to restrict outdoor water use.

"We thank the community for their sustained efforts to reduce water use, the water usage figures are significantly down on pre-restriction rates, showing that everyone is working hard to conserve water during this drought," said Mr Guiney.

Visit our water restrictions page for full details of restrictions across the MidCoast region and any changes to restriction levels, and to download fact sheets and posters.