Tour Bootawa water plant

Published on 05 October 2017

Bootawa Water Plant edited.jpg

We all know drinking water is a better choice for our body than sugary beverages – but did you know the water that comes from our taps is some of the highest quality water around?

Members of the community will have a chance to learn about the stringent quality control processes tap water undergoes when MidCoast Water Services opens the doors at the Bootawa Water Treatment Plant and laboratory as part of National Water Week celebrations next weekend.

The Bootawa plant, which provides water to the Manning and Great Lakes communities, is a state-of-the-art facility where water goes through a microfiltration process, to ensure all water meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Bookings are essential for the tour to be held at the plant on Wednesday October 25 at 10am.

During the tour participants will learn about the filtration process and what goes into making sure your tap water is of the highest quality, explained MidCoast Council’s director of water services, Brendan Guiney.

“The Bootawa Water Treatment Plant, which supplies drinking water to communities from Crowdy Head in the north to Tarbuck Bay in the south, produces award winning water.

“This is a great opportunity for our community to come along and have a look behind the scenes at the plant and our laboratory.” 

Mr Guiney explained that choosing tap water over bottled water not only has some great health and cost benefits for our community, it also delivers some real benefits for the environment.

“Every year Australians spend more than $680 million on bottled water and at least 20 percent of the plastic bottles end up as landfill or litter.”

Community members interested in touring the water treatment plant should book by calling 6592 4813.