The importance of Plan B for MidCoast drivers

Published on 14 December 2018


 According to statistics, the percentage of fatalities and casualties on MidCoast roads, as a result of drink-driving, is considerably higher than the State and Hunter.

The alarming stats have been provided by the RMS and MidCoast Council’s Road Safety Officer Chris Dimarco is appealing to our local drivers to work together to improve these figures.

“The number of people dying on our roads after consuming alcohol is very disappointing as these fatalities may have been avoided with some better planning,” explained Chris.

While Chris is encouraged by the efforts of licensees and bottle shops across the region to promote the Plan B message to their patrons and customers, he said it’s time for motorists to take these statistics seriously.

Throughout the MidCoast area, 54% of drink driving charges relate to drink drivers who have been consuming alcohol at home or at a private residence.

“Too many drivers are putting at risk all road users by not forward thinking and making a Plan B when consuming alcohol at private premises,” said Chris.

“Organising a designated driver, pre-booking a taxi or staying overnight are all possible options that need to come into play when alcohol is involved."

Alarmingly, during the recent three year period, fatal crashes involving alcohol as a contributing factor make up 27% in the MidCoast region, compared to 18% across the Hunter and 14% across the State.

Casualties on our roads as a result of drink driving are 9% on the MidCoast, while the Hunter has 6% and 4% across the State.

MidCoast Council Mayor, David West echoed Chris’ sentiment and said road users need to take responsibility for themselves and everyone around them.

“As a former Police Officer, I’ve seen too many lives ruined and forever changed as a result of drink-driving,” David said.

“This has an enormous impact on the officers who attend these accidents, and on the families of those involved. When you drink and drive, and have an accident, it impacts on so many people, particularly those you love – the message is simple, just don’t do it, have a Plan B.”

The Plan B campaign is particularly vital over the busy Christmas holiday period, when the MidCoast population swells with tourists.

“During the festive season our beautiful area becomes very busy with an influx of people and vehicles,” added Chris.

“We need all road users, drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and mobility scooter users to take care, show patience and respect others, and if you’re going to drink then please, don’t drive!”