Taree's Macquarie Street carpark opens

Published on 14 September 2018


Users of Taree’s busy Macquarie Street, and visitors to the Manning Regional Art Gallery, will be pleased to see MidCoast Council crews complete the construction of a carpark next to the gallery, opened up to motorists today.

The works have been undertaken to formalise a tired-looking vacant block adjacent to the art gallery, into an attractive 43-space concrete carpark. Users of the new carpark can enjoy untimed parking within a short walking distance to local shops, businesses, and schools.

“Formalising this area within Taree’s CBD not only provides additional, convenient parking, but it was also a great opportunity to improve the amenity of this busy area,” explained Rhett Pattison, MidCoast Council’s Manager, Projects and Engineering.

As part of the project, MidCoast Council crews installed subsurface drainage and a bio-filtration system to cleanse stormwater run-off from the site before it enters the Manning River.

“The drainage system filters stormwater through a water garden, a natural technique that removes pollutants, silt and chemicals,” Rhett added. “As well as protecting the quality of our waterways, the gardens are an attractive addition to the new carpark facility”.

And in an unexpected twist during construction, excavators uncovered a residential well beneath the carpark surface. The surprise heritage site was cordoned off to allow the well to be dissembled manually.

“We were able to retrieve a number of handmade earthen bricks which are estimated to be over a century old, potentially linked to a home that existed on the block from the late 1800’s,” Rhett said. “The salvaged bricks have been donated to the Manning Regional Art Gallery, and a stencil used in the cement to mark the well’s location”.

The Art Gallery carpark offers 43 marked parking spaces, four of them reserved for disabled parking, and is open for use by the general public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The project has been completed through MidCoast Council’s capital works program, and is part of Council’s commitment to improving infrastructure across the region.

To find out more about roadworks taking place across the MidCoast, or to search for roadworks near you, visit www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/roads