Swap and Save at Harrington Library

Published on 12 July 2019


There’s no better time to organise and sort through your clothes with an upcoming clothes swap party providing the perfect place to part with your unwanted wardrobe items.

MidCoast Council Libraries, together with JR Richards, Sweet Pea & Mumma and The Green Laundry, have come together to host a clothes swap party at Harrington Library on Friday 19 July, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

It’s the perfect place to give your unwanted items of clothing a new lease on life in someone else’s wardrobe.

With a focus on re-using, recycling and minimising the amount of waste generated across the MidCoast, gather up to five pieces from your wardrobe that you’re no longer wearing and in return you’ll earn up to five swap tokens to exchange for something a little different – it’s a win win for your wallet and the environment.

“Clothes swap parties are a really fantastic idea and help to not only reduce waste but it’s a great opportunity to swap out something of yours for great pre-loved pieces from someone else,” explained Chris Jones, MidCoast Council Libraries Manager.

“These days we need to be more environmentally conscious and that can extend to the way we shop and the way we dispose of unwanted clothing.”

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend workshops on how to mend and re-wear previously unwanted clothing.

Do you have socks that need darning, a favourite item that you don’t wear anymore because it is stained, or it might have become a silverfish snack?

Bring it along and you can learn how to easily repair or alter a garment so you can start wearing it again with pride.

This workshop will be presented by JR Richards and Sweet Pea & Mumma, while The Green Laundry will present a demonstration on how to care for your clothing.

Light refreshments will also be available.

Bookings are essential and tickets cost just $8 per person, available at midcoastlibraries.com.au/events. Please RSVP by 15 July.