Stay away as severe weather continues at Jimmys Beach

Published on 16 July 2020


MidCoast Council is watching Jimmys Beach as the large swells and winds continue in the wake of this week’s severe weather event on the NSW east coast.

Weather forecasts are predicting large swells and strong winds to continue until early Saturday morning. High tides at Jimmys Beach on Thursday and Friday evenings will continue to threaten the Beach.

Significant erosion of the sand buffer placed on the Beach in August 2019 has occurred, and Council says that beach conditions are currently dangerous and people should stay well away from surf and surf-exposed areas.

“We have temporarily closed The Boulevarde with the exception of local resident access and we ask that people stay away from the area for their own safety, until conditions improve and the beach has been made safe for access,” said Council’s Coastal Management Coordinator, Andrew Staniland.

While conditions may ease on Saturday, the Jimmys Beach area is likely to continue to be unsafe for some days after, until works can be undertaken.

Presently, a dredging campaign is being undertaken in the eastern channel of the Lower Myall River. This project aims to win 120,000 cubic metres of sand.

Council estimates around 40,000 cubic metres of sand will be needed to replenish Jimmys Beach after this event, with the remaining sand stockpiled for future sand renourishment campaigns via the recently installed sand transfer system in coming years. 

“Following the storm, we will review affected areas and undertake restorative work to ensure safety as required,” said Mr Staniland.