Solar heating for Tea Gardens Pool

Published on 06 November 2017


It's been on the Hawks Nest - Tea Gardens community wish-list for quite some time - and this week MidCoast Council installed a solar heating system for the Tea Gardens swimming pool.

Contractors Heliocol Solar completed work last Friday to instal 58 solar panels, covering an area of 181m².

"It's quite a large system to adequately heat a large pool" says Council's Acting Manager Community Spaces, Recreation and Trades, Kerrie Simmons.

"There are a total of 9,048 heating tubes, which equals 22.59km of pipes, and three new booster pumps were required to power the system."

The total cost of almost $28,000 was sourced from Council's general fund.

What does this mean for you? The pool temperature should now be comfortably warmer depending on atmospheric conditions.