Simple reason for the smell

Published on 05 February 2019


The odours currently being experienced by residents at Green Point and Charlotte Bay near Wallis Lake are most likely caused by rotting vegetation, according to MidCoast Council.

Council has investigated the smell following a report of possible sewage smells in both locations, and can confirm they are not a result of a failure in the system.

“A thorough check of the area has been undertaken and we are confident the sewerage system is not the source of the smell residents are experiencing,” Council’s Director of Water Services, Brendan Guiney explained.

Mr Guiney said investigations were carried out following an anonymous report to the EPA that sewer was discharging in the area.

“All our manholes and pump stations have been thoroughly checked and are not the source of the issue.”

The wetlands area near Green Point has also been inspected by Council staff.

“We believe the smell is rotting vegetation, which is usual given the current low water levels in the wetlands combined with low tides and hot weather.”

Mr Guiney said Council is working with the EPA on the issue and has reported the findings to them.