Second stage sand buffer for Jimmys Beach

Published on 01 March 2019


MidCoast Council will continue to replenish the sand on Jimmys Beach next week thanks to financial assistance from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

"The plan is to place 5,000 cubic metres of sand onto the Beach along the Boulevarde, between Guya Street and Kururma Crescent," said Council's Coastal Management Coordinator, Andrew Staniland.

This is the second stage of a sand replenishment program after 5,000 cubic metres was placed on the Beach in June 2018. 

"We're doing this to place a sand buffer on the Beach, which is designed to be stripped during an adverse weather event, in case this occurs during winter." 

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage has provided 50% of the cost of the project, with Council matching those funds.

Sand replenishment is part of the Beach Management program for Jimmys Beach, which provides a buffer for natural erosion events. Previous investigations have shown the use of a sand buffer is the most cost effective management solution for this area, when compared to other hard engineering structures.