Schools get behind kiss & ride zones

Published on 26 July 2017


Schools across the region are embracing MidCoast Council's initiative in installing 'kiss and ride' zones to help provide parents with a clear and safe place to drop children off each morning.

The kiss and ride zones marked with blue signage, have been installed already at Forster Public School, Tuncurry Public School and Holy Name School in Forster on a trial basis. If successful, they may be rolled out across the region over the next year.

Next Tuesday 1 August, Council's Road Safety Officer, Chris Dimarco and the Council Rangers will be drawing attention to the new kiss and ride zone at Forster Public School in an unusual way - by chalking the kerb blue to match the signs. 

If you're dropping a child to school, make sure you 'Know the rules'(PDF, 598KB) - check the attached poster.

Forster Public School Principal Rick Clissold says "school drop off in the mornings can be a very busy time on our roads and it's vitally important to us that children are safe as they alight from vehicles. The kiss and ride zones allow parents to stop, assist the child with getting out of the car and getting school bags, kiss them goodbye and ensure everyone can arrive safely". 

Chris Dimarco says "children look to us to keep them safe. We're calling on school communities to get behind us and make sure every driver knows the signs around school and knows the rules that apply".

"The idea is to give children and drivers a very clear indication of where it is safe and permissible to pull up" says Chris. "The chalk paint will wear off after a few days, but the signs will remain and we hope everyone will stick to the kiss and ride zones when dropping children off at school."


A kiss and ride zone has exactly the same rules as a "No Parking" sign during the school zone times. You are allowed to pull up and assist your child to exit via the pavement side door. You may get out of the car to unload baggage, but you must remain within three metres of the car. And you must leave within two minutes. 

Pulling up in designated bus zones or no stopping zones is illegal and unsafe for children alighting from vehicles. To protect our children, penalties and demerit points apply for anyone breaking the rules.