Revamp for Hannam Vale Road

Published on 17 May 2018

Hannam Vale Road Google Maps.JPG

It’s great news for Hannam Vale locals, as MidCoast Council road crews plan to commence works at the end of this month to reconstruct 1.5km of Hannam Vale Road.

The two sections earmarked for reconstruction are located east of Hannam Vale village. The first stretches for 1km from Maynards Meadow Road through to Benmar Farm, with another 500m section extending from Holdens Lane to the village.

“These sections are being targeted for improvement based on a region-wide assessment process we have in place”, explained Grant Calvin, MidCoast Council’s Team Leader, Project Design. “Roads across the region have been segmented using blue guideposts, generally 500m apart, to mark the ends of each segment. Each individual segment of the road network has been assessed and repairs or replacement works are prioritised based on that assessment”.

The Hannam Vale Road works involve stabilising the existing roadway, overlaying a new pavement, and sealing the revamped sections with a 2 coat bitumen seal. The outcome will be a smoother and safer driving surface.

Work will be undertaken from the end of May, continuing for approximately 8 weeks, weather permitting. Single lane closures under traffic control will be place during the construction period and short delays of up to 10 minutes can be expected.

Motorists are asked to stay alert to changed traffic conditions, observe reduced speed limits and directions from road crews, and to travel with caution through the area.  

The Hannam Vale Road reconstruction project is part of MidCoast Council’s commitment to improving infrastructure across the region, and will be delivered through capital expenditure of the General and Stronger Communities Reserves funds.

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