Moving forward on civic precinct

Published on 14 March 2017

Civic Precinct site

MidCoast Council has resolved to take necessary steps to finalise documentation and appoint a developer to carry out Forster's civic precinct project, which will deliver a new library, visitor information centre and community space in the first stage of the development, along with granting the developer rights to develop the residual of the land for residential and commercial purposes.

"We are pleased to announce that we are very close to entering into a contractual arrangement with Enyoc Pty Ltd to allow us to make the best use of this unique site" said Council's Director of Corporate and Business Systems, Steve Embry.

"The project represents a significant development for the Forster-Tuncurry area, providing high quality facilities capable of meeting the expectations and requirements of visitors and residents.  The Council facilities proposed for the site create a catalyst for further residential and commercial development, both within the site and across the broader town centre.  The project will provide an enhanced aesthetic and contribute to a more vibrant town centre.  It will also create a gateway at the southern end of the CBD" said Steve Embry.

The contractual arrangements will allow Enyoc to develop the residual of the site for commercial purposes, over several stages, which may include facilities such as seniors living apartments, retail shops and a supermarket, cinema, hotel, nightclub, child care centre and gymnasium.

The proposed development will require a variation to the Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 2014 (LEP) planning controls applicable to the site for an increased floor space ratio as well as an increased building height.

MidCoast Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday 14 March at 2pm at the Forster administration office to make a decision on lodgement of a planning proposal for a Gateway Determination with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to amend the LEP.

"It's intended that once the gateway determination is issued, that the planning proposal and development application for the entire project will be exhibited for community feedback and input" said Steve Embry.

The draft planning proposal is available on our Have Your Say page, along with a fact sheet which gives more detail on the proposed project.

In the meantime, we're planning a community information session very soon which will provide you with an opportunity to hear more about the project and ask any questions.

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