Managing development around manufactured home estates

Published on 09 November 2018


Changes to MidCoast Council’s local Development Control Plans, designed to provide planning controls for developers of manufactured home estates, are currently on exhibition.

As part of its commitment to improving outcomes for the local community, MidCoast Council has identified a need to provide clear guidelines for developers applying to establish Manufactured Home Estates (MHEs) within the region.

The proposed amendment will apply to the Greater Taree, Gloucester, and Great Lakes Development Control Plans (DCPs), all of which are on public exhibition until Friday 14 December, 2018.

“We have heard from some of our communities, with concerns about the development of MHEs in their neighbourhoods”, explained Roger Busby, MidCoast Council’s Manager, Strategic Planning. “We have listened and as a result, we’re proposing to amend our current DCPs to establish quality standards that MHE developers will be required to meet in our region”.

The proposed provisions provide guidance for MHE developers by outlining Council’s objectives around this form of housing, providing design controls, and establishing criteria around lodging a development application. As well as assisting developers, the amendment will aid planning staff in the assessment of MHE applications, and awareness of Council’s requirements relating to MHEs among the general community.

“The focus is very much on outcomes that provide for residential amenity and availability of services”, Roger said. “Locational considerations and off-site impacts will also form part of the updated planning controls”.

In drafting the new MHE provisions, Council’s planning team has enlisted the services of independent consultants, Perception Planning, based on their extensive experience with MHE developments in other council areas.

“There has been significant interest in some parts of our region, driven by specific development applications, so we are encouraging everyone to view the proposed amendments and have their say”.

To view the documentation, visit, where you can also make a submission. The exhibition period will close on Friday 14 December.