Looking out for the future of our environment

Published on 14 October 2020

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The first stage in developing a Biodiversity Framework for the MidCoast region is currently underway, inviting feedback from the local community and key stakeholders through an online survey.

Everyone has a role to play in protecting the precious plants, animals and natural environment our region is well-known for. Right now, the team at MidCoast Council is preparing a road map to assist the local community, other government agencies and landholders in partnering with Council to ensure biodiversity is conserved and managed for future generations.

“Biodiversity benefits us all, not only in environmental terms but in supporting our well-being, our place, our lifestyle, and the region’s economy”, explained Mathew Bell, MidCoast Council’s Senior Ecologist. “Preparing a framework now for how we will manage, conserve, and restore biodiversity across the MidCoast is vital to the sustainability of our region into the future”.

The Biodiversity Framework (2020 – 2030) will provide a blueprint for a suite of plans, principles, policies, actions and management tools. Using an adaptive management approach, the framework will provide flexibility to respond to changing environmental pressures and community needs.

“Habitat loss, fragmentation, invasive plants and animals, and the impacts of climate change are just some of the pressures on biodiversity in our region”, Mathew added. “We have a collective responsibility to review what we are doing now, and to manage biodiversity more effectively in the future”.

In this first stage of the project, feedback from community members, interest groups and other government agencies will be collated to identify priorities and to explore how Council can provide support in managing biodiversity in the region. In a second stage the draft Framework will be placed on exhibition, before being put forward to Councillors for adoption next year.

The Biodiversity Framework forms part of Council’s commitment to delivering on the core values identified by the local community in the Community Strategic Plan, MidCoast 2030: Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility.

To find out more about biodiversity in our region and the process for developing the Biodiversity Framework, visit www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/biodiversity. An online survey is also available to have your say, before the feedback period closes on Friday 20 November.