Introducing 'Bohnock Reserve'

Published on 06 December 2018


The name Bohnock Reserve has been endorsed as the preferred name for the area near the Bohnock Boat Ramp, with MidCoast Council referring it to the Geographical Names Board.

Council undertook an engagement process to gain feedback on the best name for the reserve, located near the recently refurbished Bohnock boat ramp facility and car park.

The engagement process targeted local residents and regular users in the neighbouring locality, through face to face and online engagement activities, and culminated with an online poll.

The feedback from the community favoured the name ‘Bohnock Reserve’ with 55 votes in comparison to ‘Boyaze Reserve’ with 37 votes.

Now, with the approval from Councillors at last week’s council meeting, the Geographical Names Board will advertise Council’s intent to rename the reserve for a period of 28 days and if there are no objections during this time, the naming proposal will be adopted.

“It will be great for the reserve to have an official name,” said Dan Aldridge, Council’s Manager Community Spaces, Recreation and Trades.

“It’s one of our area’s most popular boat launching facilities and we’re looking forward to installing signage with its official, community-approved title.”

Image: An aerial shot of Bohnock Reserve