In conversation with the artists

Published on 23 June 2022

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A conversation with artists, Lucy Culliton, Kiata Mason and Jessie Beard will take place at Manning Regional Art Gallery on Saturday 25 June.

Come along and hear Lucy and Kiata chat about their show, 'teapots and hounds' at 11am. The artists discuss how the viewer of their works is transported on an intimate journey into their homes and studios.

Their distinctive works depict the familiar objects of domestic life, from homes to gardens, precious family possessions and much-loved animal friends.

The rich tapestry of objects and materials reflects the artists’ connections to the special things in their world through unique still life paintings.

Following these conversations, at 12:30pm Jessie Beard discusses how pivotal the past two years of restrictions around travel and home isolation has been to her art practice.

The artist acknowledges the impact of the restrictions on all our lives: how being cooped up makes you crave the outdoors; how having restrictions on travel only fuels your desire to go further and grow stronger.

Entry to the conversations is free thanks to funding through Create NSW.

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