Helping local business be COVIDsafe

Published on 31 July 2020


 Sailos Manager Barry Murray looks over the Club's COVIDsafe plan with MCC's Environmental Officer, Kate Major.

Support for businesses to develop mandatory COVIDsafe plans and implement safe practices is right here on the MidCoast, with Council’s Environmental Health team visiting businesses to assist.

MidCoast Council has produced a short video to help raise awareness, both for businesses and customers of COVIDsafe requirements. The video shows the Environmental Health Officers at work during a real inspection, together with a broad overview of COVIDsafe practices:

“Since June, we’ve been rolling out inspections which focus on ensuring all MidCoast businesses have COVIDsafe plans in place, and are implementing the requirements of the plans,” said Council’s Manager of Building and Environmental Health, Gary Mead.

 “We recognise that it can be complex to ensure your business is compliant with the public health order, while you’re also managing changes to normal operations as a result of the pandemic,” said Mr Mead.

So far 160 inspections of MidCoast businesses have been completed. Inspections focus on the five point checklist, which includes:

  • a COVIDsafe plan, implemented in its entirety
  • managing physical distancing and venue capacities
  • adopting good hygiene practices
  • excluding staff and patrons who are unwell or exhibiting symptoms
  • keeping records of patrons, contractors and staff.

The free inspections are well underway. Businesses who would prefer to make an appointment to minimise impact on daily operations, can contact Council. Otherwise, inspectors will visit when they can to help you implement the five points above and comply with the public health order.

For resources including links to the public health order, templates and business advice, visit the ShopMidCoast business help hub.

To make an appointment to get help to implement the mandatory requirements, call Council’s Environmental Health Coordinator, Malcolm Hunter on 6591 7386.