Have your say on Wingham CBD draft masterplan

Published on 21 May 2021


It’s time to check the draft Wingham CBD masterplan is reflective of the outcomes of the previous community consultation, and have your say before submissions close next Thursday 27 May.

MidCoast Council is seeking final endorsement on the draft masterplan, after incorporating the community feedback received during an extensive consultation held earlier this year.

“We received great feedback from the first consultation, with almost 18,000 people reached via social media, nine pop-ups held with 140 people dropping in, and 212 responses to the online survey and two submissions,” said Council’s Manager - Projects and Engineering, Rhett Pattison.

“Now we’re checking in to make sure that the concept plans have reflected that community feedback, and that nothing has been missed, so that we can proceed to have detailed plans drawn up and the works planned.”

If you provided feedback during the first consultation, it’s important to check in, view the final plans and complete the short survey on the website to confirm the plans reflect the consensus vision for the CBD.

This consultation included a workshop for local business and other stakeholders, plus two pop-ups on Isabella Street held earlier this month.

“We’ve been listening, and overall people have told us they are happy with the plans, especially the Farquhar and Bent Streets roundabout and the placement of mature trees in the street centres.”

A tiered wall from Isabella Street and Bent Street leading up to central park was a popular choice. There has been some concern raised regarding the removal of the plantings in order to fit the tiered wall and shared path between the road and park.

“We’ve heard that feedback, and we will look to include more tree vaults along that section of tiered wall to allow for new planting to soften the appearance and provide shade,” said Rhett Pattison.

Some community information being circulated may be misleading. There are no plans to remove the mosaic on the corner of Bent and Isabella Streets, and when complete, new tree planting will provide shade along the southern side of Isabella Street. No trees within Central Park will be removed. Ramps will provide good access to the Park for everyone.

“The concept drawings are indicative only and the final outcome will result from a detailed design phase that will occur after adoption of the master plan concept,” added Rhett Pattison.

Make sure you check the plans and have your say before Thursday 27 May on the link above.