Get ready for bushfire, MidCoast

Published on 23 September 2021


A bushfire survival plan for every MidCoast household is the important goal as MidCoast Council urges residents to follow five simple steps to ‘Get Ready’ for bushfire season in 2021.

If you missed the recent NSW RFS ‘Get Ready’ weekend, you can still start your bushfire survival plan. To make it easier, follow MidCoast Council’s five week, step by step ‘Get Ready ‘campaign which kicks off today.

“Last year, in the wake of unprecedented bushfires which tore through about 24% of our entire region, we delivered a ‘Get Ready’ plan to every home in the MidCoast,” said Mayor David West.

“This year we have two important community goals – to ensure every home updates their plan or writes a new one, and to find out how many homes have a complete ‘Get Ready’ plan.”

You can visit us at the links above to download a new ‘Get Ready’ plan, access helpful resources and participate in the MidCoast challenge to record your household’s readiness for bushfire status.

“It's important that you sit down with everyone in your home to make the plan - so everyone knows what you will do and when you will do it – before a  bushfire starts,” said Mayor West.

“And then please take 30 seconds to visit the Get Ready webpage and complete the quick poll to let us know you have a plan and your household’s locality.”

MidCoast Council is providing weekly guides to help you through the five simple steps, each week for the next five weeks - one step at a time. At the end of five weeks, you'll have a bushfire survival plan for your family and home, plus you'll know what you need to do to Get Ready this bushfire season.

Starting this week, we can all get started on step one – know your risk.

To take step one, visit the Get Ready link above. You can also sign up there for the weekly News Wrap email newsletter – it will arrive in your inbox each Friday, and take you each week through the steps to make sure you have a bushfire survival plan.

Information including a short video and a summary document will see you assess your risk in as little as 10 minutes this week. You’ll then be ready for Step 2 next week. If you’re keen to go into more detail, you’ll see options to spend more time learning about your property’s individual risk level.

“Something that we all learnt in November 2019 is that no home anywhere on the MidCoast is safe from bushfire,” said Mayor West.

“That means we all need a bushfire survival plan, and we all need to help each other, to Get Ready. Make sure you, your family and your neighbours have a bushfire survival plan this year.”

If you are recovering from the 2019 bushfires, please visit the bushfire recovery hub online or call 7955 7777 – help is still available. If reminders of the bushfires are causing issues for you, call the Mental Healthline on 1800 011 511.