Fortnightly sales to continue for Gloucester

Published on 14 June 2018

Gloucester Saleyards 001.jpg

Sales will continue to happen on a fortnightly basis in Gloucester following a review of sale arrangements at the yards by MidCoast Council.

However, from October 2018, the fortnightly Thursday sale will be an open store sale, available to all licensed agents holding a valid selling permit.

“The purpose of reviewing the saleyard facilities was to ensure they are managed in a fair and equitable manner and to maximise throughput and the benefit to the community,” Acting General Manager, Steve Embry, explained.

Following the review, which was conducted by external consultants, Council called for expressions of interest from licenced agents interested in obtaining a selling permit and booking for the 2018-19 year.

The open sales will be implemented on a trial basis for a 12 month period from October. Until that date, sales will continue on a fortnightly basis under the direction of the current permit holder.

The timeframe has been set to allow time to conclude existing operations and also to allow for all permit holders to prepare for the start of open sale arrangements, including forward bookings and advertising.

In undertaking a review of the operations of the Gloucester saleyards, Council acknowledged that changes were required to facilitate the future viability and success of the saleyards in years to come.

“We believe this will provide increased competition and diversity of selling approaches which will lead to a better outcome for both sellers and buyers in the area.

“We also hope this will provide the Gloucester Saleyards the opportunity to build upon existing saleyard numbers and have the opportunity to become a leading saleyard market in the area due to increased throughput and competition.”

Mr Embry also said there was increased benefits to the community with a thriving marketplace, including the flow-on effects for local businesses and the not-for-profit organisations involved in the sale day, such as the Red Cross which operates the tea rooms.