Community's chance to comment on tree controls

Published on 08 November 2018

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Members of the community will have the opportunity to comment on proposed changes to tree and vegetation controls in the Great Lakes, when MidCoast Council consults the community on the issue.

A decision was made by Councillors to remove tree and vegetation controls from the Great Lakes Development Control Plan at their September meeting. This action is intended to bring the Great Lakes in line with the Manning and Gloucester areas, which do not have tree protection controls.

“It is important to note that any changes to the Great Lakes Development Control Plan have to be undertaken in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act,” the Acting Director of Planning and Natural Systems, Paul De Szell explained.

“This requires public notification and community consultation which is the point when members of the community will have the opportunity to have input.”

Mr De Szell said it was important to note that the current controls in the Great Lakes will remain in force until the development control plan is formally amended.

Councillors also resolved to workshop the establishment of a significant tree register and investigate other ways in which significant trees can be protected.

No timeframe has been set at this stage for the notification period or the workshop