Break the vicious weed cycle in your garden

Published on 20 March 2019


Sick of back-breaking weeding in your garden, only to have to repeat the work a year later? A free hands-on workshop being held at the Pacific Palms Markets on Sunday 31 March could help you break the vicious cycle.

“It’s often said that one year's seeds means seven years weeds,” says MidCoast Council’s Manager of Natural Systems, Gerard Tuckerman.

However, by choosing the right removal technique and making weed removal part of your gardening routine, you can reduce the amount of seed in the ground.  Reducing the seedbank will lessen your long term work load and create space for the plants you love to thrive.

“Weed removal is complex and unfortunately there is no one removal technique that is suitable for all species. The workshop will help you identify problem weeds and show you effective techniques to remove them.”

To get involved, just turn up early at the markets and sign up for one of the sessions, which kick off at 10am and 11.30am. Come prepared with covered shoes so that you can participate.

The team at MidCoast Council is working with Pacific Palms residents as part of the Backyard Bushcare program to reduce weeds in local gardens.

The Backyard Bushcare program is a three year project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust, which encourages local communities to work together to remove weeds from their own backyards, and help protect the natural bushland that surrounds their town.

Since the initiative started in May 2017, the MidCoast Council team has inspected 999 backyards in Blueys, Boomerang and Elizabeth Beaches and some of Charlotte Bay.

If you live in the Pacific Palms and want to do your bit to protect your beautiful part of the world, visit our Backyard Bushcare page where you will find fact sheets on identifying and removing bitou bush and asparagus weed, plus a full list of all the other weeds we found in Palms backyards. There are also a lot of helpful resources there on how to turn your backyard into a native garden and wildlife haven.

If you live elsewhere in the MidCoast region there's no reason why you can’t check your own garden for the weeds on the 'most wanted' list. Check out the Backyard Bushcare web page for lots of helpful hints.