Big year for bridges

Published on 09 January 2019


Bridges are a big focus of MidCoast Council’s Capital Works Program 2018/19, with 15 separate bridge projects either completed, currently underway or in the pipeline for 2019.

The Capital Works Program is part of Council’s commitment to delivering a connected MidCoast community and improving the condition, safety and durability of our transport network.

At the December council meeting, Councillors were given an update on the status of projects within the works program, which includes bridges, cycleways, urban and regional road rehabilitation, sand transfers and boat ramp upgrades.

The extensive and diverse list of projects being undertaken across the region is managed by the Projects and Engineering team.

“The 2018/19 Capital Works Program has been designed to focus on transport routes that connect the MidCoast community, and with over 500 bridges in our region they feature heavily in our schedule. This is where the greatest risks are and that’s why it is our priority,” said Rob Scott, MidCoast Council’s Director Engineering and Infrastructure.

“All works are going well for this time of the year and we’re committed to ensuring the program continues that way throughout 2019.”

The management and coordination of such an extensive program involves consultation with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

Each project requires different levels of community consultation and a tender process before it can begin.

Some of the highlights of the program so far include the completion of the Bulga Bridge in November and the construction of Bobin Creek Bridge.

The Capital Works program is part of MidCoast Council’s commitment to improving infrastructure across the region. For a full listing of works and more information about roadworks taking place across the MidCoast region, visit