Upgrading Farquhar Street Wingham

Open for public feedback until 05 June 2019, 4.30 PM


Farqhuar Street Wingham, between Bent and Queen Street, is in need of rehabilitation. This section of road is in very poor condition requiring necessary rectification works. The works have been prioritised as part of our Urban Rehabilitation program.

In addition to the roadworks, we will be taking the opportunity to make some further improvements to the streetscape, and we want to consult with you on these elements of the upgrade.

Four concept designs have been drafted for community consideration. We are asking you to provide valuable feedback in relation to the features in each of the designs. We want to hear what you have to say, what features you like and what features you don’t like. This feedback will assist us in making an informed decision on the final design.

We welcome you to attend one of our workshops at Wingham Town Hall on:

  • Wednesday 22 May, 2019 at 10am
  • Wednesday 29 May, 2019 at 6pm.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the project, provide comments on the proposed features of the design plans and how this space will be used into the future. We encourage you to attend and provide your valuable feedback.

Alternatively, we invite you to make an online submission below.


View the four draft designs(PDF, 1MB) here before you provide your feedback below.

Click here to view form.

Why are the works being done?

The condition of Farquhar Street is ‘very poor’ and the pavement and the seal have outlived their useful life. The pavement is 52 years old (the design life is 50 years) and hence requires rehabilitation to maintain optimum riding condition and safety.

What is the projected start and finish date for the rehabilitation works?

Following completion of the final design we plan to commence works in September 2019.  Works will take approximately 12-14 weeks to complete.

What time will construction works be undertaken?

7am - 6pm weekdays.

What street access will there be during the construction period?

A single lane construction will be undertaken with the other lane open to traffic. The parking will be affected. Resident/business access will be maintained at all times.

How are the works being paid for?

Work will be funded through a combination of our capital works program and funding from Strong Communities and Roads to Recovery programs.

What long term benefits are the rehabilitation works expected to have?

After completion, the road is not expected to require rehabilitation for another extended period of time.  Completing the work now will deliver a saving to Council from the reduction in maintenance, which will be utilised on other roads in the area.

What are the benefits to the local residents?

The reduced pavement area and increased nature strip will minimise the heat generated from the paved area during warmer months. The replacement of gutter bridges with standard laybacks and improved cross-fall will result in a smoother and improved driving experience.

How will the final design be determined?

Community feedback, budget and operational needs will be considered when determining the final design plans.

How will the community be informed of the final design before construction?

We will inform the community through media platforms such as our website, Facebook and the Wingham Chronicle of the final plan and will also ensure we provide information prior to commencement of works.

Can I object to the works being done?

We encourage community members to complete a submission form and express their views.  The submission feedback will be compiled for consideration.

When is the consultation period? 

The consultation period will commence 10 May 2019 and close on 5 June 2019.

Who do I contact if I want more information?

If you have any questions in relation to the project, you can contact us via email at community@midcoast.nsw.gov.au or phone Customer Service on (02) 6591 7222, who can connect you to the appropriate Officer.

If you would like to have your say on the proposed designs, complete the submission form on this page, or have your say in person at one of our workshops at Wingham Town Hall on Wednesday 22 May at 10am or Tuesday 28 May at 6pm.