Pre-readers: have your say

Download our early childhood colour-in pages here:

Tuncurry water playground colour-in set(PDF, 614KB)

Tips for helping pre-readers have their say: 

Show the children photos in the Image Gallery and / or identify the six items of equipment in the photos below:

slide     giant bucket     watercourse        hoops

splash pad              water cannon             


Bucket-and-slide.jpg  inclusive-water-course.jpg toddler-in-hoops.jpg              

Boy-in-splash-pad.jpg Water-cannons-swivel-to-aim-and-wait-for-it.jpeg 

Ask your pre-reader which is their favourite play item, and what they would play on first!

Invite pre-readers to colour-in their favourite play item. They can add drawings of themselves playing if they like.

Once your pre-reader has completed their art work, please upload it via the form below or drop them into any MidCoast Council office.

We'll count their feedback in our consultation, and display their work proudly!

Complete this form to send us your artwork.

A very big thank you to all pre-readers for having your say!