Tuncurry water playground

Submissions closing on 13 January 2021, 04:30 PM


We're asking you to help us shape the plans for the Tuncurry water playground in a community consultation that will stretch from Wednesday 11 November until Wednesday 13 January 2021.

We’re very excited to be kicking off the consultation process, after over 81% of community respondents supported the concept to develop a water playground at the old Tuncurry Pool site.

The Tuncurry Water Playground is a facility for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy water play. The facility will remain open all year round, and will be free of charge. There is currently no other facility like this on the MidCoast, so we’re excited to be able to deliver the project.

The initial stage will include construction of the shaded playground, new amenities block and barbecue and picnic table facilities. Not everything is up for feedback just yet – this consultation will focus on the construction of the Tuncurry water playground and the first stage amenities.

Later, we will be expanding facilities at Fazio Park, which will develop into the Tuncurry recreation precinct. The reserve already includes the Skate Park and Tuncurry Community Hall. There are already plans for a children’s safety bike path in the precinct and we’ll be developing parking, footpaths and a safe access way to link Lone Pine Park and the foreshore with the new precinct.

The project has a budget of $1.5 million with over $800,000 secured, including a grant of $400,000 from the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

This could be the most fun the MidCoast has ever had during a community engagement program, involving everyone from toddlers to ‘big kids’ and those who are still young at heart.

We want to hear from you, so we will be taking it to the streets, with information, freebies and fun! You can watch our Facebook page and this web page for locations and dates and please pop along and see us! We'll be continually updating this page - so look out for us on these dates:

Pop Ups: Forster - Tuncurry

Come along and meet us, cool off, and have a chat about the Tuncurry water playground: 

Friday 4 December - Tuncurry Skatepark 3pm - 5pm

Saturday 5 December - Tuncurry Rockpool 10am - 12pm

Thursday 17 December - TBA

Wednesday 6 January - TBA

Pop Ups: Other locations

Taree - Thursday 10 December 

Black Head - Sunday 3 January

Focus Groups 

We will be holding focus groups to make sure we hear from those groups who will be especially connected to the water playground. These include families, schools, preschool and child care facilities, the local business community and people living with a disability, their carers and families.

Disability Focus Group

If you're an individual living with a disability, a carer or family member, or a disability provider or organisation - there's a series of focus groups planned for you. Alternatively, you can ask us to attend your service or event, and we'll happily come along to consult with your group.

Complete this form to attend a specific Disability Focus Group, or request us to visit your organisation or service:

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The Tuncurry pool was built in the 1970s and over the last decades has experienced very low usage along with incurring increasing maintenance costs as the aged facility deteriorates. The pool does not meet current safety and operational requirements, and so Council resolved to close the pool in early 2020.

Read the full report on costs and estimated repairs to the old Tuncurry pool: MidCoast Council Ordinary Meeting Agenda, 27 March 2019: Item 8 - Tuncurry Pool

Faced with the inevitable closure of the existing pool in 2017, an extensive community consultation was undertaken.

The 2017 consultation results showed a very strong and clear endorsement for the site to include a children's wet splash pool area, a facility that locals and visitors alike have called for, and not currently available in the Forster Tuncurry area.

View the full community engagement report(PDF, 4MB) from the 2017 community consultation here.

Both the usage figures from the previous pool, and the strong response during the consultation in 2017, indicate that a children’s water playground is the preferred option for this site. As this has been clearly identified by our community, the decision to proceed with a water playground and not a swimming pool has been made.

The current consultation is to decide on what shape that playground should take, and gain further feedback on the future development of Fazio Park into the Tuncurry Recreation precinct.

Below are the most common questions about the Tuncurry Water Playground. 
Ask us anything - if your question isn't answered here, use the form at the bottom to send us your question.


Q: Will there be a charge for use of the Tuncurry water playground?

A: No, the water playground will be free.


Q: Will the water playground be supervised?

A: No, just like a dry playground in a public park, carers need to supervise their children.


Q: What will be the hours of operation of the water playground?

A: The playground will be open every day, all year round. We are seeking community feedback on hours of operation.


Q: Why did the Tuncurry pool close? Why can’t it be reopened?

A: The Tuncurry pool was built in the 1970s and over the last decades has experienced very low usage along with incurring increasing maintenance costs as the aged facility deteriorates. The pool does not meet current safety and operational requirements, and so Council resolved to close the pool in early 2020.  The pool cannot be reopened as it is unsuitable for use and has low usage rates.

Check the 'Background to the project' information above for more detail.


Q: Was the old pool suitable for people living with disabilities?

A: No. The old pool does meet safety standards and does not meet accessibility guidelines.


Q: What type of equipment will be installed to assist people living with a disability?

A: That’s something we’re taking feedback on during this consultation, to make sure that this facility meets the needs of people living with a disability here on the MidCoast. We will be undertaking focus group sessions for people with a disability to find out what’s needed, and we’ll also be looking at our manufacturer’s recommendations. Most importantly, we’re listening to you – so if you have a suggestion, please let us know. There’s a question on the survey where you can provide this feedback to us.


Q: What is this consultation about?

A: The decision to install a water playground and a new amenities block has been made. This consultation is asking for feedback on what kinds of water playground equipment should be included, and what other amenities are needed to support the water playground.


Q: Will there be picnic tables, shade, rubbish bins?

A: The initial stage will include construction of the shaded playground, new amenities block and barbecue and picnic table facilities. A mix of constructed shade and natural shade from trees will be provided at the playground.


Q: Will the water playground area be fenced?

A: No, the water splash area will be accessible and open within the recreation precinct.


Q: Will the water playground be shaded?

A: There will be constructed and natural shade (trees) options throughout the precinct.  Constructed forms would consist of awnings and shade sails.  


Q: Will there be toilet facilities provided?

A: An amenities block will include unisex toilets, private change rooms and a baby change table, similar in design to the amenities block at Forster Ocean Baths.


Q: Will there be a kiosk or cafe?

A: At this stage, there are no plans for food retailers at the site.


Q: Will the area experience an increase in noise levels?

A: We will monitor any concerns raised regarding noise levels in the precinct. We are not installing speakers or sound amplification equipment.


Q: Will additional parking be provided?

 A: Currently there are several parking options that are is sufficient for the intended level of use.  The long term vision is to deliver a car park that will cater for the recreation precinct and overflow of vehicles and trailers using the boat ramp/marina area. 


Q: What about during times of water restrictions?

A: Depending on the level of restrictions, the water playground hours of operation may be curtailed during times of water restrictions.


Q: Can the space be hired for private functions?

A: This will remain a public open space for access by all.


Q: How often will the facility be cleaned? Is the water recycled? How is the water cleaned?

A: The facility will be inspected daily, the water quality checked daily and cleaned as required.  The water is filtered and chlorinated, similar to a swimming pool but with less chlorine used. 


Q: When will the project be complete?

A: It is anticipated that demolition of the existing pool and construction of the water playground will commence in approximately May 2021.  The aim is to deliver the completed project by the end of October 2021. There are sometimes unexpected events which impact upon project delivery - we will keep the community informed if any significant delays occur.


Q: Will there be an official opening of the water playground?

A: Yes, we intend to hold an official opening (COVID19 restrictions permitting).  This information will be advertised closer to opening of the facility. 


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