Rural Strategy

For completion by December 2019


We're currently reviewing our plans for land use, conservation and development outside our towns and villages - recognising the importance of rural and natural areas to our local communities, and the economy.

Once completed the Rural Strategy will provide a unified and relevant approach to planning in our rural areas, catering for our community now and into the future. The strategy will:

  • Reflect contemporary industry practices designed to meet community expectations
  • Form part of our future planning framework, to be implemented in planning controls including a new MidCoast Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP). 

We're currently working with stakeholders to collect relevant information and to understand challenges and opportunities for development in rural areas in the coming decades.

Rural and natural lands are defining features of the MidCoast region.

These areas contain a diverse range of natural resources and amenities that underpin the lifestyle and livelihoods of local residents and are increasingly sought out by industries and visitors.

Sustainably managing the use of lands and resources outside our towns and villages will provide a more prosperous future for all.

The Rural Strategy is intended to provide a consistent and unified approach to:

  • Statutory planning controls, including the application of land use zonings and development standards that influence where and how development occurs;

  • Policies, procedures and guidelines for development assessments, including what information should be included in applications, local benchmarks for best practice and information we'll use to monitor change and progress; and

  • Advocacy or partnership priorities for when we are working with Federal or State government agencies or private industries.

There are five key stages in developing the strategy:

1. Scoping the project and collecting relevant information to use as a basis for discussion

2. Formulating a draft strategy by working with key stakeholders (workshops and online surveys)

3. Reviewing, refining and developing a draft suitable to present back to the community

4. Exhibiting the draft strategy and inviting general community feedback

5. Finalise the Rural Strategy and presenting to Council for adoption


Thanks for your interest in helping us to "Zone in on our future". The Rural Strategy is just one part of the bigger picture, which involves reviewing the different zones used across the entire MidCoast region. Complete the form below by indicating which project/s you would like to be kept updated about and get involved in.

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