Recreation Zones Review

For completion by June 2019

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No matter how you choose to spend your leisure time, our recreation zones are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the local region. These zones are currently being reviewed as part of the "Zoning in on our future" project.

Recreation zones generally apply to both public land that is available for community recreational use, and facilities located on private land:

  • Public Recreation - This zone is generally intended for a wide range of public recreational areas and activities including local and regional parks and open space. The uses may include recreational facilities such as playgrounds, beaches and picnic areas, and community facilities like surf lifesaving clubs

  • Private Recreation - This zone covers a wide range of recreation areas and facilities on land that is privately owned or managed. The use of facilities on this land may be open to the general public, while in other cases it may be restricted (eg. to registered members only). Private recreation uses can include racecourses, golf clubs, bowling clubs, rifle ranges, tennis complexes, and other sporting or recreational facilities. Facilities and recreational use may be on significant parcels of privately owned land, or on land leased from councils or State authorities

Our aim in reviewing the recreation zones is to support the continued use of land across the region for sport, leisure and recreational purposes, within a consolidated framework that guides the way the zones are applied.

Why are the recreation zones being reviewed?

The planning frameworks for the three former council areas apply Public and Private recreation zones in different ways, which means the planning rules are different depending on where you are in the region. Developing a consistent approach will not only be simpler and more equitable across the board, it will also enable facilities such as golf clubs, tennis complexes and bowling clubs to be appropriately located within a private recreation zone.

The Recreation Zones Review is one part of an overarching project - Zoning in on our future - to develop a clear, consistent planning framework that will guide the way we manage land use across the entire region.

Thanks for your interest in helping us to "Zone in on our future". The current Recreation Zones Review is part of an overarching project to review and consolidate land use across the entire MidCoast region. Complete the form below by indicating which project/s you would like to be kept updated about and get involved in.

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